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Chinese Furniture

Chinese Furniture and Décor

Want to introduce luck, wealth and love to your home? Then why not create a Chinese oasis? Dating back thousands of years, Chinese interior design was founded on the principles of energy, simplicity and nature. The objective was to achieve a home décor characterized by tranquillity and peace. Chinese Furniture - click here to start shopping or read on for a Chinese interior style guide.


In Chinese interiors, simplicity is key. A room should not be filled with clutter if you are to follow a Chinese décor. Your most valuable and beautiful objects should take centre stage. These pieces should become the focal point and rooms should remain calm, light and simple.

If you have a great deal of clutter, hide it away in a Chinese cupboard or sideboard, such as the Shanxi Black Sideboard.

Colour scheme

If you have decided to follow a Chinese style then you will have to consider the tones and colour palette, as these are of extreme importance in oriental décor. Each colour has its own meaning and interpretation in Eastern symbolism. Red symbolizes the sun, luck and power. Green represents appeasement and calm. Blue symbolizes the gentility of the home owner and is very important when decorating the house in the Chinese style, since the colour blue, is one of the most significant and recognizable details in Chinese interiors.

Chinese accent pieces

Once you've picked the desired colour scheme, consider the curtains and soft furnishings you'll need for the room. For decorating the walls in the Chinese style one should really consider using sophisticated silk wallpaper or silky throws or curtains with painting or embroidery imitation.

We offer a very special seat made from reclaimed teak from Indonesia in the Far East. The Teak Chinese Stool is hand-carved into a traditional Chinese form, and is left unfinished for a natural raw look. Its beautiful form creates a sculptural piece when not in use.

To seal the Chinese look, a screen is ideal and is commonly used within an oriental interior scheme. Screens are both decorative and functional. They can create cosy intimate corners or be used to hide any clutter. The Jaya Screen is a great room divider with beautiful texture.

Furniture for every room of the house

Now it's time to consider the main furniture pieces. Chinese furniture can be categorised into two types: the first type is designed by Westerners or copied from Western designs; these are frequently manufactured in China.

The second type is Ancient Chinese furniture that was popular during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. This furniture is very high quality and lends an Oriental exoticism to the home.

Since Chinese designers have turned their skills to reproducing Western furniture, Western designers are now taking inspiration from traditional Eastern design and filling the gap in the market. The authentic Ancient Chinese furniture pieces are very rare and expensive; these newly designed pieces are both affordable and more readily available. Usually the new furniture pieces share the same style as the ancient Chinese furniture, but the dimensions and other small details are slightly adapted to complement the modern western home.

The newly designed Chinese style furniture mostly stays true to traditional manufacturing techniques. Traditionally Chinese furniture was constructed using strong and durable, high quality hardwoods. There are variations in style according to time period.

George IV first brought Chinese furniture to the UK in the 1700s. He fell in love with the exoticism that Chinese furniture provides. His collection of furniture is now on display in Brighton Pavilion. In the 1900s Chinese furniture became more widely available as the international trade routes opened.

Shanxi Furniture

Oriental furniture is visually appealing and creates a beautiful and lasting impression in any home. Here at Puji our Shanxi range takes antique Chinese simplicity as its basis and blends this with a modern western design creating a sleek and stunning range, perfect for modern living.

The Shanxi collection offers a wide range of products specifically designed for all aspects of your home including console tables, beds, wardrobes, chests, trunks, sideboards, plasma TV units and mirrors. These are presented in a beautiful black lacquered finish with distinctive brass handles.

Each piece has a stylish, stressed edging and elegant proportions. Our finishing technique follows the traditional hand painted multi-layering process, providing a high quality durable finish which is then lacquered seven times.

Lacquering was a very popular method used in the manufacture of classical Chinese furniture. It is the painstaking process of sealing the wood in many thin layers of high gloss varnish. This varnish was originally derived from the ‘varnish tree', a tree indigenous to China. The resin extracted from the tree was mixed with iron oxides to colour it red or more popularly black. Then several thin layers of the lacquer were applied evenly in a complicated process. A perfect lacquered finish can only be achieved by the most skilled craftsmen, but once achieved, a lacquered finish is very durable. Resistant to water, acid, alkali and abrasion, it is flawless and beautiful, adding a classy touch to any room set. It was particularly popular during the Ming Dynasty, and painted scenes were added on top of the lacquer during the Qing Dynasty.

Versatile Chinese furniture for any room in the house

The Klasik bookcase is a perfect focal point for the dining room or living room, and can display your books and ornaments beautifully. Complementing the bookcase is the Buddha Head. The Buddha was a very important part of Chinese life during the Ming Dynasty, and Buddha statues were popular because they were meant to convey the calm feelings necessary to achieve enlightenment.

The Shanxi end table and side table with glass centre are ideal platforms upon which to place decorative objects, lamps or vases. We recommend the barcelona white vase to contrast the deep black of the table - perfect for long-stemmed roses.

For the bedroom

To compliment your bed, we have a range of chests of drawers and bedside tables. The smoothest streamlined bedside table is the Oriental Shanxi Bedside, which features a cupboard door with an almost mirror-shine and a red interior finish, completing this luxurious look. We also offer an elegant wardrobe and trunk to complement bedroom range.

For that authentic Chinese feel, avoid overcrowding the room with furniture and ornaments. To set off the shiny black finish, we recommend using two or three well-placed richly coloured cushions such as our Ruffles cushions, which are irresistibly silky to the touch.

Add other indulgences to your oriental bedroom through the use of bed throws and a rattan love seat. This piece not only introduces natural texture but additional seating.

For the dining room

Make those Chinese takeaways inexorably stylish! Whatever the occasion, the beautiful Shanxi dining table will ensure every dining experience is a memorable one. We offer a choice of two sideboards of different sizes in this style to continue the theme.

For the living room

What home could be complete without a coffee table in the living room.  The Mino Natural Coffee Table is made from 100% reclaimed teak. If you prefer a lacquered finish, the Shanxi coffee table with its beautiful curvaceous legs, makes a wonderful addition. For its clean, straight lines, the Shanxi 4 drawer coffee table may be just right for you. A TV table from this range will look great with your plasma mounted above or even sitting on top. We offer two sizes to suit your individual needs.

For the hallway

A Chinese styled entrance hall will help you and your guests feel tranquillity and balance as soon as they enter the house. The Shanxi console table is the perfect hallway furniture piece - elegant and functional, it offers you an Oriental welcome as you enter your home. Why not mount a beautiful mirror above to reflect light and really open your space.


Ambient lighting is very important in creating a Chinese style space. The bamboo floor lamp  emits a soft diffused light and makes it a wonderfully elegant floor light.

For a quick and easy way to decorate in a high quality classic Chinese style, visit today.

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