Contemporary Wooden Furniture

Contemporary Wooden Furniture

Contemporary wooden furniture is both gorgeous to look at, long lasting and highly durable. Puji’s range of contemporary wooden furniture for the bedroom, living room, dining room and home office is beautiful, comfortable, functional and built to last.

20 Item(s)

20 Item(s)

Puji’s wide selection of contemporary wooden furniture includes dining room tables, dining room chairs, side tables, sideboards, benches, display units, coffee tables, TV and audio units, occasional or end tables, beds, wardrobes, chest of drawers, bedside tables, dressing tables and bookcases.

Wooden furniture has always had wide appeal as it suits all types of home styles from city apartments to traditional cottages or country homes. Contemporary wooden furniture can be made from a wide variety of different timbers including pine, oak, teak, mahogany, walnut, ash, maple and beech wood.

Puji are innovators in contemporary reclaimed teak furniture and our range also includes stunning pieces made from oak, mango, mahogany, walnut and black lacquered ash.

Why Wooden Furniture?

Contemporary wooden furniture is minimalist in design and features sleek, clean lines that suits any home from the traditional to the more modern. Wooden furniture not only looks good, but is comfortable too. It has a wonderful combination of style, comfort and quality, that helps create a space of harmony and relaxation.

Wooden furniture has always been popular because it is so versatile. It also very hard wearing, so when you invest in a beautiful wooden furniture piece for your home, you know it will withstand the test of time. Some of the best home furniture is made from solid wood. Think about antique wooden furniture that has been passed down through generations and is in still in superb condition today. That is why contemporary wooden furniture is such a good choice for homes with young children or pets as it is made up of durable materials so it can withstand knocks and everyday wear and tear.

Puji sell a stunning range of contemporary wooden furniture in traditional, country, rustic and contemporary designs from our London showroom. Our designs are simple and functional.

We specialise in contemporary solid teak furniture which is one of the hardest woods there is. Teak, unlike other hard woods, does not need staining, oiling or painting to keep its durability. It can be used in its natural state and also looks wonderful when stained to a light or dark finish.

Much of our furniture is made from reclaimed teak including our dining tables, coffee tables, beds and chairs. Reclaimed teak from Indonesia is thought to be of the highest quality in the world. Skilled craftsmen in Java, Indonesia, use traditional woodworking tools and techniques to build the finished product. Reclaimed teak is particularly beautiful. With its subtle colour variations and interesting marks in the woods, such as tiny cracks and small nail holes, each furniture piece is truly unique and has a wealth of history and character. 

Types of Wood

Wood has different properties which vary from one type of wood to another. It can be divided into two main categories – hardwoods and softwoods. Outdoor furniture, for instance, must be harder and more durable than softer wood used to create smaller items for the home such as wooden ornaments or mirror frames.

“Hardwoods” come from trees that lose their leaves in winter. “Softwoods” come from evergreen trees such as pine, fir and cedar. Teak is one of the hardest woods available.

Different types of wood have different grain structures. Some have open pores, such as walnut and ash, so when the wood is stained the colour collects in these small holes and appears darker than the rest of the furniture piece. Other woods, such as teak, have a fine wood grain which gives it a very smooth surface.

Puji’s furniture range is made from hardwoods because they are so durable. Our furniture is made from exotic timbers in Indonesia, a country renowned for its highly skilled wood workers and artisans.

Contemporary Designs

At Puji we take attractive solid wood timber, such as reclaimed teak and transform it into timeless and elegant designs.

The current trends for the contemporary look include minimalist designs with smooth, straight edges and bold, sleek shapes. Our inspiration comes from simplicity of form fused with natural, ethnic materials. We use beautiful high quality oriental woods to create stunning furniture with clean, sleek lines that fit into any home style. This is combined with handy design features for contemporary family living, such as coffee tables or window seats with extra storage and side tables that can be stacked to double up as shelving. Reclaimed teak is a particularly beautiful wood and because it is so durable, it is practical too.