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Contemporary Mirrors

Contemporary Mirrors

Puji offer a selection of contemporary mirrors including wall mounted and free standing styles. We have a beautiful range of exciting designs to maximise your light and sense of space. Mirrors can be used to reflect beauty into your home, expand small spaces and provide interesting ‘wall art’, creating a striking feature.

Contemporary mirrors – click here to browse our online mirror shop. You will find circular, rectangular, square and oval mirrors made from reclaimed teak wood, mosaic tiles, coconut shells, coco stick, eco-friendly wood chipping and other natural materials.

Listed below are popular styles and descriptions to help you narrow down your search:

Venetian Mirrors

Venetian glass, known for its clear translucency is the descendent of the first blown glass made in Renaissance Europe. Venetian mirrors create a classic look and are versatile enough to work in any room.

Cheval and dressing table mirrors

Traditionally a dressing room mirror, the functionality and appeal of this classic style has stood the test of time. For practicality of design, the cheval mirror still seems to be proving incredibly popular.

Mosaic Mirrors

The timeless appeal of the art of mosaic has maintained itself as a versatile decorative effect for centuries. The different colour tiles and materials used to complete this range can be used in several different rooms for a beautifully alternative piece of art.

Reclaimed Wooden Mirrors

Wooden mirrors come in a variety of styles and sizes and they are extremely popular due to the natural character and simplicity of the reclaimed wood.

Our Guide To Adding Mirrors To Your Home

Here at Puji we understand the importance that mirrors play in adding finishing touches to a home. Read our guide below to perfectly installing mirrors to be both practical and beautiful.

In the bathroom

The first place you think of a mirror is in a bathroom. Over the sink is the most popular place. Shaving and applying makeup are much easier with a good sized mirror mounted in a frame or directly on the wall.

In the bedroom

A full length mirror is a must for any bedroom. If you have a wall large enough, hang it there or if you have the space, a floor standing cheval can be a nice addition. For those who have very limited space, try hanging one inside a closet door.

Over a desk

If your desk faces the wall, you might consider installing a wall-mounted mirror above it. It will help to make your home office feel larger, you’ll also feel more comfortable being able to see what is happening behind you.

In the entranceway

It’s a wonderful idea to have a nice mirror mounted somewhere near your front door, even better if you can position a nice console table or small chest beneath it. You’ll be able to do last-minute checks on your hair and make up before going out

Over a fireplace

A dramatic mirror installed over a fireplace will add warmth and a focal point to the room.

Tips for using mirrors in your home:

  • Place a mirror on an adjacent wall to an interesting picture or piece of artwork and the mirror will reflect the image and add a sense of space.
  • Hang a decorative mirror near a window within a dark room. This will allow the light to reflect off the mirror creating more natural light in the room.
  • Create a charming entrance hall by hanging a framed mirror. This will help to create light in the entryway.
  • Expand a small dining room by placing an ornate mirror on a wall. This will make a room appear larger and brighter.
  • Place a decorative mirror opposite an attractive fireplace and mantel to reflect something interesting in the room
  • Group and hang several mirrors of assorted sizes and shapes for an attractive wall display.