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Puji is a London based company that is inspired by the beauty of the Far East and Orient.    The name ‘Puji’ is Indonesian and simply means to bless or admire.  For us its perfect we want you to stand back, admire your home and the beauty of our furniture.

Words such as Tranquil, Eco-friendly, Sustainable, Reclaimed and Functional are what drive our designers and the company.  This journey began when the owner Jimmy Ioannou graduated from a design course , desperate to start  manufacturing and bringing his ideas to life he set up in a friend’s old barn.  At first he started hand making commissioned pieces for friends and family.  But for Jimmy this wasn't enough he had bigger dreams and a strong passion to design an exclusive and distinctive range using eco-friendly materials.  He had a vision that the home interior should be a calming, peaceful and inspiring space.  He wanted his furniture designs to be pieces that would with stand the test of time, age beautifully and fit in both modern and traditional homes.

Puji Owner Jimmy IoannouJimmy realised that to achieve this he had to find materials that would suit his designs and so the perfect opportunity to travel the world presented itself.  His travels finally took him to Indonesia where he instantly fell in love with the tropical surroundings and nature.   This is where he discovered reclaimed teak a wood so old you could feel the history and character.  Each piece he crafted would tell its own story, no two pieces of wood are the same.  Unique and stunning this reclaimed teak would give life to his furniture.

Reclaimed timbers are very eco-friendly as no new trees need to be used.  This old teak is sourced through recognised Indonesian timber Brokers who purchase timbers recovered from old colonial buildings.  This rustic, weathered and durable wood is perfect for the UK market.  It is much less likely to shrink, move or crack.

Jimmy then went on to set up a manufacturing site and his Indonesian team helped him source the best local craftsmen. He then went on to open a retail store in 2003 within his own local community and with no advertising budget he relied on word of mouth support.  He was overwhelmed by the support his local community showed him and before he knew it he was furnishing homes everywhere.

Puji insists on top-quality design, materials and craftsmanship.  The result is a truly unique product that we can all be proud of.   Jimmy is constantly designing new ranges and loves working with clients to design ‘one-off’ pieces.  He offers a full bespoke service so that clients can get exactly what they need for their living space.  This design service is offered free so that clients can decide if they prefer to invest in commissioned pieces.

Many of the Puji designs have been featured in the Press and Home Interior magazines such as Grand designs, Ideal Home, Period Living etc.  Jimmy is always shocked when he opens a publication and sees his products staring back at him and even more amazing to think of how many homes hold a little piece of Puji.

We now manufacture both Furniture and hand crafted accessories from all across Indonesia and its beautiful villages.  We love the techniques that local Indonesians use and the final result are pieces that have been lovingly crafted and don’t impact the environment.  Our main workshop is located in Java, the stunning exotic surroundings make this a great place to work and Jimmy has worked hard over the years to ensure all his staff and suppliers are well looked after.  He has created a little Puji community and his regular visits always lead to him to something new this  has helped the company to grow and stay exciting.

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In the UK, Puji still maintain there ethical production and minimising our environmental impact is one of our core aims.  We work hard to recycle as much packaging in the UK as possible and we operate ‘positive recycling’ reusing as many boxes and wrappings as possible.

Our in house Interior Designer is also always on hand to help you plan your interior , find space solving solutions and turn your visions into a reality.   We have one goal here and that is to help you find inspiration and an interior you will love.