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  • Client Guide – How To Use Dining Room Furniture

    A well-designed dining room can be the true social hub of a home, but only if thought and planning goes into its layout. While the basics of a table and chairs seem obvious, there are a number of other factors to consider, that when combined, can add true value and flexibility to the room. Our Client Guide investigates what tricks you can use to make your dining room a

    Our Client Guide investigates what tricks you can use to make your dining room a style-success and be a hit with any visitors.

    Adequate Seating

    How many chairs are you planning to have? Often, people underestimate the need for seating, and at popular celebrations, some guests may have to stand – definitely not ideal! Be sure to have a couple of occasional chairs that can be introduced into the room when needed. On days when they are not required, they could add character to a hallway or conservatory; maximising their overall value to your home.


    Make the table a focal point

    Like it or not, the main dining table will always draw the eye, so make it worth looking at! Spending budget on accessories is an important design consideration, but not at the expense of the dining table and chairs. Search for a quality and elegant product that will last a long time. It is also worth noting that when you do buy a chunky and classy table, it will continue to look great throughout its lifetime – some of the most in-demand products are decades-old original wood furniture.

    Chunky Handmade Teak Dining Tables Suar Dining Table

    Light matters 

    Nobody wants to spend time in a dark and unwelcoming room. Even if natural light is limited, there are a number of ways you can enhance available light, and distribute it better across the space. Using one or even two mirrors are essential to achieving this, and they also provide some much needed wall décor. Shaded floor lamps are ideal for evening times, as they manage to cast a warm ambience without being too overbearing or bright.

    Flow Curved Floor Lamp Designer Floor Lamps – Puji

    Hygienic Flooring 

    A common mistake we Brits make is to use carpet in a dining room. While it may be comfy underfoot, it is not the most hygienic option. The reality is that dinner parties have a host of potential carpet destroying elements – think red wine, oils, and colourful foods! Over time, stained flooring is unlikely to project a great image. It is much simpler to have a hard wood or tiled floor, both of which can help to bring character and class into a home.

    Square Dining Room Tables Mino Teak Kitchen Table

    Unusual features

    Every house needs a talking point, so make space for a unique product among the furniture layout. Bespoke items tend to get people chatting, so act as a social ice-breaker, as well as being an opportunity to introduce your own character into the room. Do you have something from your travels that you could use, or are you looking to buy some exotic inspiration? We have some great authentic Indonesian products that just might be ideal!

    Solid Teak Root Stool Rustic Side Tables

  • How To Create A Cosy Country Kitchen


    Here are some of our top ideas to bring cosy character into your kitchen:

    Use chunky wood furniture

    A country-style kitchen can easily be created by using a light coloured, chunky-wood dining table and chairs. These pieces exude natural warmth and quality, giving the room an important focal feature at which to socialise. White or neutral-coloured walls act as a good contrast to the wood tones, and will lighten the room atmosphere and mood.

    dining table

    Be ready for guests

    So the dining area is in place, but what about the food and drink? Nobody wants to spend time in a hungry house! To entice your guests to stay, ensure there are well-stocked fruit bowls and a fridge full of hearty, healthy food. For some people, wine is also important. Use the opportunity to go beyond a standard metal wine rack, and introduce some more quality wood furniture into the kitchen.

    wine rack

    Practical beauty

    The idyllic kitchens of times-gone-by always included a bookcase or dresser. Not only did these
    items give the room a more 'lived in' feel, they also acted as an attractive complement to the main dining table and chairs. If you like the idea, make sure you use similar wood-tones throughout the kitchen. Another benefit to a dresser is that they are a very practical element – perfect for storing and displaying your best crockery.


    Choose rustic tableware

    The small details are where you can really give your kitchen the edge, to make it welcoming and
    homely for yourself and any visitors. Rustic-style table accessories help to achieve the country-style look and bring a ton of character into the room. Wooden bread boards, table mats, and serving bowls are all good ways to further emphasise the natural design.


    Use an occasional chair

    An often overlooked aspect of country kitchen styling is the use of an occasional chair. This might take the form of a basic wooden seat, which provides extra seating capacity as well as being a versatile piece to use around the kitchen – think sitting at the oven, propping doors open, and taking out into the garden. For larger rooms, a rocking chair can be a luxurious addition, and the ideal place for an afternoon snooze!

    rocking chair

  • Client Guide – How To Spot Quality Furniture

    With a plethora of furniture retailers to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to see beyond the hype, and really assess the quality of what you are purchasing. Fleeting glances can be deceptive – while two products may appear similar, closer inspection can actually reveal which is of the superior standard.

    Hence this month's client guide; we thought it would be useful to explain the hallmarks of a true luxury furniture manufacturer, making you better prepared to spot true quality.


    Materials matter

    Put simply, premium products use premium materials. Hardwoods cost more to source and last longer than their composite rivals – no high-standard manufacturer would use chipboard or MDF materials due to their questionable durability. Teak and oak are popular luxury choices and a surefire signal that the furniture producer really is committed to their craft.

    solid oak console table

    Strength and thickness

    While on the lookout for superior furniture, always check the thickness of any materials used.
    Expect luxury products to be chunky – they are built to last, and will often be heavy in nature.
    Cheaper furniture manufacturers sometimes use decent quality materials on the front of a product, and thinner materials are hidden from view. Buying these types of items is not a good idea; over time they will sag, sway, and may collapse. Much better to purchase long-lasting durable products from the outset.

    bedside table

    Quality finish

    Attention to detail is one of the easiest ways you can assess the standard of a product. When
    constructing a piece of furniture, many man-hours go into each piece until it is perfectly finished.
    Unique and intricate detailing are a common feature of higher-end designs. It is also important to remember that many products are hand-crafted, so expect each to have slightly different
    characteristics; as opposed to perfectly straight machine-cut, mass-produced furniture.

    coffee table

    Limited Availability

    Bespoke furniture manufacture takes time, and because of this, the number of items produced in any given range is always limited. Production runs can range from a single, unique piece up to around 50 items. At Puji, we very rarely exceed this number, meaning you are guaranteed to get a limited edition piece that you are unlikely to see in anybody else's house! This is also a bonus when it comes to re-selling your furniture – limited edition products always hold their value better.

    furniture art

    Made to measure

    Any quality luxury furniture retailer should always offer a made-to-measure service, giving you the ability to request a product exactly how you envisage it, with a choice of material options. If this service cannot be supplied, it is likely that products are being sourced from large manufacturing mills, whose focus is to 'pile it high, and sell it cheap'. Like other premium retailers, we operate our own workshops, giving us the flexibility to respond to customer demand.

    bespoke design

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