• Creating A Cosy Dining Room For The Autumn Months

    As the days get shorter and darker, Autumn brings an opportunity to make our dining areas the
    epitome of warmth and indulgence. During the next few months, we will be spending more time indoors, so it is common sense to make the room as welcoming as possible.
    September is the time to get ready to stoke up the log burner, and create a cosy dining space where you can relax and eat well!


    Candles are superb for introducing an element of warmth and character to a dining room – they help to create that authentic autumnal ambience. Similarly, hanging lanterns offer an olde worlde type vibe which fits perfectly with this time of year. Avoid harsh, bright fluorescent lighting, and instead, seek out the orangey yellow glow that is reminiscent of a winter fire. It will help to achieve the atmosphere you need.



    With the advent of colder weather, put away the slimline, lightweight furniture and use larger,
    bolder products. Upholstered chairs and sofas with added cushions and throws allow you to sink into the fabric, keeping yourself warm and snug.

    Darker wood tones on tables and cabinets again help create a more intimate ambience, evoking
    memories of the natural environment. Traditionally, autumn is also the time of year to reintroduce the table cloth to the dining table.


    Dining Accessories

    Hand-crafted copper and wood table platters and reclaimed wooden serving bowls are a fantastic way to continue the retro theme. Additionally, displaying soup bowls sets the scene for the change in season. Chunky chopping boards and bread boards can also be left on display when not in use, as they accentuate the 'lived in' look. Think porcelain or ceramic cups and jars rather than glass – they are better at keeping the heat in your food and drink!




    The autumn and winter months are the only times of year when an abundance of accessories are encouraged, as they help to achieve the cosy atmosphere we desire. Liberal use of floor and table vases with grasses and flowers add colour and maintain a positive ambience.

    While repainting the decor is an unnecessary expense, purchasing a new rug in an autumnal colour can make a statement, and add a luxurious layer of comfort to the room design.


  • Neutral Bedroom Decor – How To Get It Right

    While using neutral décor may conjure up images of bland, boring rooms, it does not always have to be that way. Modern day neutral design is not limited to beige and magnolia but is now an array of colours that can make a bedroom look classy and comfortable.

    Muted shades of blue, grey, and purple are increasingly being used alongside white and cream to create stunning room designs. These colours lend themselves as a great backdrop, allowing your furniture to become the centre of attention.

    Here is our guide to getting neutral bedroom décor just right.


    An easy method to add a little comfort to the room is to use natural, high-quality throws on the bed and any seating you may have. Not only are throws perfect to snuggle under on a cold winters day, they are also an opportunity to inject more luxury into the room styling. When used alongside some well chosen cushions, they prove an attractive and appealing bedroom feature. Select natural wool products – they look and feel amazing!

    Anthracite Throw Cosy Throws Puji Home Accessories


    A neutral scheme tends to feature earthy colours, so continue this theme when selecting the room storage options. Rattan baskets and chests suit this environment well, and are ideal for storing bed linen, towels, or even clothing. White furniture with rattan inserts can also blend effortlessly into the neutral vibe – the light, bright design is much more balanced than relying on imposing dark wood products.

    Wooden Storage Ivory Storage Bench with Drawers


    In the modern bedroom, pastel shades of lavender and lilac are becoming popular choices for wall colours. They manage to introduce the character and enliven the ambience, without being overbearing.
    Large mirrors will help to reflect light around the room, enhancing the perception of space, while art work will break up the wall colour and add detail to the décor. Try to avoid painting the walls and ceilings all-white - this may end up looking very clinical.

    Platform Beds Mino Light Teak Bed Reclaimed Teak Furniture


    Having the flooring a deeper colour than the rest of the room is a good idea. Darker flooring not
    only hides the inevitable blemishes, but it also allows the colours of the walls and furnishings to
    become more apparent. Wood flooring or carpet can add an element of warmth and comfort to a bedroom. If you need an extra luxury feature, a fluffy cream rug might be just the thing you are looking for.

    Provence Grey Storage Bench

  • Odd-Shaped Living Room Design

    Do you have a living space that is awkwardly shaped? If so, you will know that these areas can be extremely difficult to style, with many furniture pieces looking out of place and cumbersome.

    However, creating an effective room design for these difficult rooms is a challenge that we should embrace. With a bit of planning it is possible to make them into elegant and attractive areas.

    Here are some ideas that you can use to improve the appearance of awkwardly shaped spaces.

    Versatile Seating

    In a traditional 'box' shape room, the seating often chooses itself as the long straight walls are ideal for large sofas. In an odd-shaped room, incorporating seating can be much more difficult! L-shaped or curved sofas can look good in some areas, but terrible in others.
    Occasional chairs are an effective solution - they keep the room uncluttered and can be moved
    easily if needed. They are also ideal to position against small wall spaces or in the middle of the

    leather chair

    Colour Scheme

    It is likely that an unusual living space has alcoves or areas where shadows gather. Using different walls colours can accentuate the room differences even more, so it is better to paint the space in one colour to unite the décor. This helps each area to flow into the next and brings a sense of balance into the design.

    Light colours are always best to use – furniture will introduce further colour and prevent the room from becoming bland. In addition, quirky wall art is a good way to introduce character, especially if you have a wall space that is too small to hang a normal sized painting.



    How can you fit all the required furniture into a room that is not normal?

    In reality, you may struggle but there are some ideas that might make things easier. Slimline
    furniture is often used as it can be attractive, non-imposing, and will provide a good amount of

    If you have a room that has harsh corners, consider using round furniture to draw the eye and
    'rebalance' the room ambience. Circular coffee tables can look impressive and also make a multitask feature, as they can be used for socialising, working, or dining purposes.

    Birdcage Round Coffee Table Urban Ranges

    Custom Designs

    Perhaps the best suggestion for awkward areas to have custom-made furniture manufactured specifically for your property. Alcove shelving and built-in storage make the most of the available space and can be made to match the existing design.

    Seating can be produced too – quality built-in wall and window seats are stunning, and could
    include useful storage draws underneath. This frees up space in the middle of the room for other essential items of living room furniture.

    Bespoke Furniture Design Made to Measure Furniture Puji Puji

    At Puji, we have years of experience in constructing high-quality custom built furniture for
    domestic and commercial clients. Get in touch if you would like to find out more.

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