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  • Urban Interior Design – Factors To Consider

    With the boom in city apartment construction and the renovation of ex-industrial buildings, an increasing number of people are choosing to live in urban dwellings.

    This has led to uber-cool living spaces – some with bare-brick backdrops, and others with a more contemporary and elegant design. Depending on the building's character, different items of furniture can look great in either setting.

    In this article, we discuss urban interior design and the styling factors you need to consider.


    As renovated industrial buildings were never originally intended to be homes, lighting can be a major consideration. Some properties may be lucky to have natural light flooding through them, while others will not be so fortunate.

    Lamps with metal shades tend to look good in city apartments – try and search for weathered iron or steel designs to bring the urban theme to life. Often, lighting products that have a metal and wood design make great features.

    Industrial stryle


    When choosing seating for an industrial-style home, it is an opportunity to contrast against harsh backgrounds like exposed brick walls or reclaimed hardwood flooring. Select seating that softens the overall appearance and adds further character to the design.

    Leather chairs with a wooden frame are a great way to introduce a classy yet comfortable element to the room vibe. Brown leather is a neutral colour that suits a wide range of homes.

    Leather armchair


    Due to the space constraints of many modern apartments, the dining areas are often a hybrid kitchen/diner or a living space with an eating facility. This means that any furniture used needs to suit the room design and also be of a minimal footprint. Forget large traditional dining tables and instead use contemporary round tables with an industrial edge.

    Greenery and plants are an essential must-have for city living. Not only do they beautify a home, they also filter and clean the air, helping occupants stay happier and healthier.

    Occasional seating


    The main area to relax should focus on being a peaceful comfort zone, while including subtle hints to urban living. Some ways to achieve this could be by using metal blinds, or having glass features on bedside tables. Wall art dedicated to the district's history is another inoffensive technique to pay reference.

    Although metal framed beds can be the most obvious option, chunky wooden furniture also looks impressive in this setting. Space will often dictate the wardrobe you can choose – tallboy wardrobes are a popular solution.

    bedroom furniture

  • Furniture For A Bedroom Loft Conversion

    Converting a loft space can be the single most effective way to add value to a property, and allows many families to stay in their homes, rather than having to move to larger houses.

    Once the renovations have finished and the dust has settled, it is time to start thinking about how best to use this new bedroom area.

    The chances are you already have some idea of how you want the room to look, but have you considered how to truly maximise the space? Our blog today reviews bedroom loft layouts and the most suitable furniture to use.

    Go Low

    The main design requirement for a loft area is to give the illusion of space, and avoid it being
    claustrophobic to the room inhabitants. This basically means using low-rise products wherever
    possible and resisting the temptation to have large, bulky items.
    The bed should be the focal point of the room, and ideally be closer to the floor than it normally
    would be. Japanese style floor beds work well, or alternatively, a low-profile product with a decent amount of under-bed storage is a sensible solution.


    Use The Corners

    Free-standing items should be kept to a minimum, while any available space in the corners of the room should be utilised. A popular technique is to have built-in drawers and wardrobes rather than using up valuable floor area in the centre of the room. A corner TV unit is also a great idea to avoid any clutter. If a second bed is a necessity, space can be saved by having a single bed built into the eaves – children tend to love the den-style design.


    Natural Light

    Ideally, natural light should flood the area, so hopefully, there are some windows in your converted loft. If so, introduce a couple of small mirrors to help distribute the light around the room.
    Artificial lights will also be needed. Stay away from floor lamps as they eat up too much space -
    downlights or small bedside lamps are better. A good design technique to boost the light further is to use furniture with glass features. It also brings a sleek and classy feel to the bedroom.



    Perhaps the most important and obvious factor is to keep furniture to an absolute minimum. The very best conversions often have a bed, two bedside cabinets, built-in storage and very little else. There are certainly no coffee tables or products hugging the centre of the room.

    It takes discipline to ensure that the loft area becomes a quality space in its own right and not the 'overflow' facility for the rest of the house. Allowing the room centre to stay bright, airy, and clutter free will help to maintain its new identity.


  • Feng Shui Living Space Design

    Living rooms are the most social spaces in our homes, and should ideally be a place where we can relax and enjoy the company of others. Design plays a big role in creating the right ambience, and feng shui in particular specialises in introducing positive energy into our lives.

    By using elements of feng shui in our living space design, it is possible to create a welcoming and peaceful environment that can benefit our mental and physical health.

    Main Features

    To fully make your living space a feng shui inspired haven of peace, it is important to take note of the main design techniques that will help to achieve this.

    Ideally, the sofa should be situated against a wall, or in a position that faces the doorway, so that no shocks or surprise visitors disrupt the relaxed atmosphere. Rather than hanging blinds, allow the windows to flood the room with light, while at night-time, curtains can help to keep the positive energy within the room.

    Electrical items should be kept to a minimum and out of sight when not being used. An enclosed TV cabinet could be a good solution.

    Solo 2 Seater Sofa with Cushions Aged Wood Iron Ranges

    Key Elements

    Feng shui demands that five key elements are included into any room design – Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood, and Water. How you reach this balance is up to you, and it can be a great way to explore your creativity.

    Here are some initial ideas to get you started:

    • Fire – Fireplace or candles
    • Earth – Plants or pebbles
    • Metal – Living room accessories.
    • Wood – Wooden furniture or decorative features
    • Water – A water feature or water-inspired accessory

    By including all these elements, you are helping to create a balance of energy that promotes emotional and physical well-being.

    Kursi Leather Chair Dark Brown Occasional Chair Puji

    Energy Flow

    Everything in feng shui is designed so that energy flows naturally and there are no interruptions or causes of negative energy. This means that clutter and any unnecessary items need to go! Ensure that all pieces of furniture have their place and a purpose. You will soon find that a more minimalistic approach allows for a brighter and more airy room – exactly what you need when trying to relax after a hard day.

    Birdcage Round Coffee Table Urban Ranges


    As the living room is the hub of a family home, be sure to hang photos of loved ones to create a positive ambience. Photos or pieces of art can also be a good way to include the essential 'water' element of feng shui design. Not every home will have the space for a water feature, so instead hang a picture of an ocean image or lake.

    Any use of nature is beneficial - research shows that scenes of natural places help reduce our anxiety and stress levels, promoting a healthier state of mind.

    Tukang Oriental Console Table Mindi Wood Furniture

    Effective feng shui design is usually created by forward planning – write down on a piece of paper how you intend your room to look. Try to avoid spontaneous furniture placement and upheaval, as it could cause you a day of stress, which is the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve!

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