• Stylish Furniture for Autumn and Winter 2017

    At Puji, we find autumn and winter to be a great opportunity to showcase our products – solid wood pieces are perfect for this time of the year!

    Both these seasons also present a chance to experiment with new colour schemes, as furniture that looks fantastic in summer can appear too clinical in the cooler months. In short, autumn and winter are the ideal seasons to glam things up and introduce richer designs into your home interior.

    Choose Leather

    Black or brown leather seating is an elegant and practical choice – have you ever seen good quality leather furniture that does not look classy?

    It is also a surprisingly good insulating fabric and is complemented especially well by a natural wood colour. Our Kursi Leather Chair's demonstrate this perfectly; their solid teak wood frames and supple leather upholstery delight the eye and warm the body.

    Kursi Leather Chair Dark Brown Occasional Chair Puji

    Bold Colours

    Autumn generally means that you will be spending more time indoors, so be brave and select a colour-scheme that isn't ordinary. Plum, orange, and deep red colours create a warm ambience, and can make your home a cosy haven.

    The Red Mosaic Alpas Vase is excellent for displaying long grasses or dried flowers, which helps to achieve an autumn harvest vibe. Ideal for bedrooms or comfortable living spaces!

    Alpas Red Mosaic Vase Red Floor Standing Vases Puji

    Plant Life

    Deep in the winter months, it is possible to start experiencing low emotions, especially as the trees outside lose their leaves, and the environment takes on a bleaker appearance. Adorning your home with plants is a good way to lift the spirits.

    Again, vases and pots should be used to display greenery, but also pay attention to where they are situated. Our Teak Side Table with its branch base continues the natural theme and looks superb displaying a plant or two.

    Teak Side Table With Branch Base Limited Edition Ranges

    Black is Back

    A really elegant new trend which suits autumn well is to make use of accessories that have a contrasting black and brass design (these items are amazing on dark wood furniture!)

    Our Textured Black Table Lamp is rapidly becoming a customer favourite. With a matt black cotton shade and intricately detailed brass base, it is not hard to see why. A nice way to add a subtle glow to the room ambience.

    Textured Brass Table Lamp

  • The Snugglers Guide To Autumn Living

    During the autumn and winter months, making your home a welcoming, comfortable sanctuary is a fantastic way to ensure the dark days pass quicker. What is better than snuggling the evening away after a warm bowl of hearty soup?

    At Puji, we have a number of products that can help you to achieve this, while also being high- quality long-term investments. Take a look at just a sample of the cosy designs we have on offer!

    Rattan Egg Chair

    There is nothing better than being able to hide away in a relaxing environment, and even in the largest rooms, the Rattan Egg Chair provides the perfect place for 1 or 2 people to snuggle up together. Hand-woven from natural rattan, this limited edition seat comes complete with scatter cushions, while its alcove style design evokes a cave-type ambience. When warmer weather arrives it can also be used as garden seating.

    Rattan Chairs Contemporary Rattan Furniture Rattan Egg Chair

    Throws & Cushions

    No matter how comfy the furniture is, adding throws and cushions is sure to provide another layer of luxury. Beds, chairs, and sofas can all be adorned with extra materials over the colder months.

    Our quilted duck egg cushions are beautiful and soft items that feel like silk against the skin – ideal for those morning lie-ins! The matching throw not only makes a bed look stylish and elegant, but can be unfolded to give additional warmth on top of an existing duvet.

    Quilted Duck Egg Throw


    At Puji, we love hardwood flooring, but realise that in Autumn a little more comfort is required to keep the toes toasty! Natural cowhide rugs are a fashionable way to achieve more insulation, particularly in bedroom or living space areas.

    A completely unique flooring accessory, the rugs provide warmth and interesting design details – none of them are ever the same – each have individual colour schemes.

    Large Cow Hide Natural Flooring Real Hide Rugs

    Rocking Chair

    A continuation of the natural hide theme, our rocking chairs make a great place to hibernate - think falling to sleep in front of the fire! They are also well suited to large bedrooms, a study, or even a hallway – basically anywhere it is possible to relax.

    With a solid teak wood frame construction, the chairs have real leather backing, and a gold studded finish. A versatile and cosy product to sink into after a long day at work.

    Natural Hide Rocking Chair Solid Teak Frame

  • Effortlessly Elegant – How To Make Your Home Look Amazing

    What is your ideal home?

    Whether it is a mansion, a penthouse, or even a luxury yacht, the chances are that you will imagine a luxury space, which will woo visitors and make a beautiful place to relax.

    You may think that luxury design is reserved for the rich and famous, but in reality, it is possible to borrow ideas that can upgrade the appearance of anybody's home.

    Here is the Puji guide to effortlessly elegant design.

    Focal Points

    In order for every space to look stylish, there needs to be a focal point in each room. This could either be inherited or created. If there is a period fireplace, then make the most of it – clean it up and then dress it well – don't let other furniture hog its limelight!

    Equally, you could purchase a solid wood dining table, and situate it in the centre of the room, which will instantly grab visitors attention. Be sure not to over-accessorise it, as the craftsmanship and beauty of the wood should be the main attraction.Suar Hardwood Dining Table Solid Wood Furniture Puji Table

    Quality Seating

    The chairs and sofas you select can make or break a room's ambiance – cheap plastic seats are a surefire way to interior design disaster!

    When you imagine luxury what do you think of? The chances are that leather and solid wood seats spring to mind, so replicate this in your own home. While they may initially be more expensive, they are certain to last longer, making great long-term investments.

    Tugas Brown Leather Armchair Teak Leather Chairs

    Floor Coverings

    Help your space be ultra-inviting by using layered floor coverings with different textures.

    A hardwood floor should always be the go-to choice when trying to emulate luxury. Not only does it appear sleek and stylish, but it also provides a platform to display other floor coverings - deep pile textured rugs add depth, quality, and draw the eye. A large rug can also be used to define a seating area in an open-plan design.

    Reclaimed Teak Beds Arc Dark Teak Bed

    Metal Designs

    Adding subtle metal detailing definitely evokes memories of stately homes and large city penthouse apartments.

    Hanging pendant lamps can introduce some metal elements without it being obtrusive. Similarly, using chrome or steel door knobs achieves the same effect. Depending on the exact style you are aiming for, antique designs can look great, but in a modern luxury interior, many products and accessories now boast a more polished metal finish.

    Aluminium Floral Embossed Lamp



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