• Take of your boots in style | Make your hallway ready for autumn

    Autumn is much about muddy boots, dirty paws, and warm coats. To keep the mud and dirty leaves out of your home, it is maybe time to think about a boot room, or to adapt your hallway to the season.

    Organisation is as always key, so read on to see how we can help you make the most of your boot room project, or your autumn hallway.

    Layer up your hallway

    Whether you have a real boot room, or limited hallway space, working with layers is a good way to make the space work for you. Things you don’t use every day you can keep on high shelves, using small boxes of drawer shelves to keep it tidy. Shoe brushes, hats, umbrellas, anything you don’t need daily can be stored out of sight this way.

    Urban Industrial Hallway Organiser Shelf Unit Urban Industrial Hallway Organiser Shelf Unit

    High shelves keep things out of sight

    Use single hangers, coat hangers with multiple hoods, or rails to hang coats, jackets, scarves. Choose hangers that can take big heavy coats without falling off


    Urban Industrial Hallway Bench Urban Industrial Hallway Bench

    Add a bench

    A bench is great to sit down when you take your boots or shoes of , and with open space below you can use it to store them away tidy. If your outdoor space is secure you can use a rack to keep wellington boots dry upside down and keep them out of the house. If you don’t have this, use one or 2 dirt trapper door mats.

    Urban Industrial White Stool Hallway Urban Industrial White Stool

    Use boxes or baskets

    Use boxes or large baskets to conceal messy piles of scarves, hats and gloves, dog toys or homework bags. A good idea if you have the space is to use a basket for laundry so your walking socks or smelly gym kit can go straight in there.

    Hallways don't always get the attention they deserve. They are the first thing guest see when they enter your home. House & Garden always have good ideas on how to style or decorate them. You can find a lot of style tips here: Decorating Ideas.


  • Stools, more than comfy seats

    We are slightly obsessed with stools these days. Maybe I am to blame, as I really miss my favourite work stool and I keep looking for inspiration.

    Stools for work

    Maybe real office chairs are more comfortable, but this lab stool has the perfect height to work at my kitchen island. And maybe because it is not an office chair, I alternate between sitting and standing at my computer, which is so much better for my health than sitting al day!

    Urban Industrial Lab Stool Urban Industrial Lab Stool

    So, stools is what we are talking about today. Our signature stools are solid, wooden and reclaimed. Or our new ones are sturdy, durable and a mix of metal and mango wood. They can double up as side tables, or plant stand and when the weather is good they can be quickly moved outside too. Extra seating, or just to serve as your outdoor furniture! I use stools all around the home as small tables, as plant stands (they have a wider surface area so can take bigger pots), as steps to reach higher up things, or just as stools.

    Teak Root Square Stool Teak Root Square Stool

    In the kitchen

    Kitchen counter stools are very hot topics nowadays and are just all round on instagram. With the kitchen more often than not the place where everybody comes together, kitchen islands or breakfast bars are perfect to make it the social hub of the house.  And this makes breakfast bar chairs perhaps the most useful piece of furniture you could ever buy for their home. We have a good selection of industrial or modern stools that are either adjustable in height, or available in different heights. Our Riley Chairs are just so comfortable they will make you never want to move from that breakfast bar - or table.

    Riley Tan Kitchen Counter Stool Riley Tan Kitchen Counter Stool

    The Chair people always have some good tips on different types of kitchen bar stools and how to choose the best size and fit for your kitchen.

    A bar at home

    Nothing beats a bar at home to entertain guests. Using a mix of different stools creates a more relaxed vibe, and offers different levels of comfort for your guests to choose from. Smaller homes could use a bar to double up as breakfast bar and evening entertainment just by pulling up some extra stools. If you opt for stools that are adjustable in height, they take up less space when not in use, and again could double up as plant stand, or storage table.

    Industrial stools Industrial stools
  • Sparkle and Shine with hot metal trends

    While neutral and bleached interiors remain popular, the trends are shifting back to the more opulent styles we know from the sixties and seventies. Rich, dark walls, lush green plants, dark furniture and splashes of metallic to sparkle it all up.

    How much luxury is too much?

    The key to adding metallic accents to your home is to do it sparsely. Gold, copper or brass can quickly overpower. As Katherine Pooly (@katharinepooleyltd) recently explained to The Telegraph, "The key is to use metallics as highlights to a scheme. These colours add a touch of luxury, but should do so in a way that whispers, not shouts."

    And we couldn't agree more.

     Round Retro Chic Side Table with Glass Top Round Retro Chic Side Table with Glass Top

    Gold, copper or brass?

    Dark interiors are seeing a major lift, and we love Abigail Ahern's clarion call to forsake the  white interior and get down and dirty with dark green, tobacco, inky blacks and varying shades of muddy sludge. Still, silver and gold do tend to lift pale interiors with white walls or lighter colours, while copper and bronze work well with dark hues. But dare to experiment, as we find that old rose and gold combines particularly well with dark walls.

    Mix with natural materials

    Layering of materials and finishes gives a more thoughtful look. Combine natural leather and fibre baskets with solid wood and touches of dusty gold. It works for living rooms but also for bedroom, as our luxury indulgence range so adequately shows. Old gold really compliments the space and creates a super chic feel without pretension.

    Retro Chic Dusty Gold Textile Ladder Retro Chic Dusty Gold Textile Ladder

    Pure form

    One or two metallic touches can really take a whole room to the next level. Our Old Gold glass display shelf can even transform bathrooms or kitchens, those rooms where adding glamour is not always an easy feat. Think luxury bath salts, beautiful perfume bottles or trendy cooking oils and superfoods.

    Retro Chic Glass Display Shelf - Bathroom Caddy - Vanity Storage Retro Chic Glass Display Shelf - Bathroom Caddy - Vanity Storage


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