• Sparkle and Shine with hot metal trends

    While neutral and bleached interiors remain popular, the trends are shifting back to the more opulent styles we know from the sixties and seventies. Rich, dark walls, lush green plants, dark furniture and splashes of metallic to sparkle it all up.

    How much luxury is too much?

    The key to adding metallic accents to your home is to do it sparsely. Gold, copper or brass can quickly overpower. As Katherine Pooly (@katharinepooleyltd) recently explained to The Telegraph, "The key is to use metallics as highlights to a scheme. These colours add a touch of luxury, but should do so in a way that whispers, not shouts."

    And we couldn't agree more.

     Round Retro Chic Side Table with Glass Top Round Retro Chic Side Table with Glass Top

    Gold, copper or brass?

    Dark interiors are seeing a major lift, and we love Abigail Ahern's clarion call to forsake the  white interior and get down and dirty with dark green, tobacco, inky blacks and varying shades of muddy sludge. Still, silver and gold do tend to lift pale interiors with white walls or lighter colours, while copper and bronze work well with dark hues. But dare to experiment, as we find that old rose and gold combines particularly well with dark walls.

    Mix with natural materials

    Layering of materials and finishes gives a more thoughtful look. Combine natural leather and fibre baskets with solid wood and touches of dusty gold. It works for living rooms but also for bedroom, as our luxury indulgence range so adequately shows. Old gold really compliments the space and creates a super chic feel without pretension.

    Retro Chic Dusty Gold Textile Ladder Retro Chic Dusty Gold Textile Ladder

    Pure form

    One or two metallic touches can really take a whole room to the next level. Our Old Gold glass display shelf can even transform bathrooms or kitchens, those rooms where adding glamour is not always an easy feat. Think luxury bath salts, beautiful perfume bottles or trendy cooking oils and superfoods.

    Retro Chic Glass Display Shelf - Bathroom Caddy - Vanity Storage Retro Chic Glass Display Shelf - Bathroom Caddy - Vanity Storage


  • How to use industrial accents in a family home

    A home is where compromises are born. We all know how challenging it can be to style your home the way you love it when you share it with others, big or small. Once you share your space, you want to make sure everybody feels at home, and finding that balance can be tricky. So if you are a lover of all things industrial, we have gathered some tips on how to use them in a family home, or house share, and make sure everybody will love them too.

    De-clutter, or keep things tidy

    When you share a house, it's no longer just about keeping your own things tidy. Families, or housemates come with clutter, and sometimes lots of it. Kids toys, work files, too many shoes, there's all sorts... Having a storage chest with lots of drawers is the perfect solution to give everyone their own space to store. Vintage style apothecary chests even let you label each drawer to avoid frantic searches! And if your gang doesn't like steel, you can always opt for a wooden chest with differently coloured fronts, giving everyone their own colour.

    Industrial apothecary style chest on wheels Industrial apothecary style chest on wheels

    Come dine with me

    Whether you live with friends or family, the most enjoyable moments are shared over a meal. Time to connect, talk about your day, gossip, share stories or just enjoy a home cooked meal (or take-away), the dinner table is where it all happens. We are not a big fan of TV dinners, because we enjoy our meals together so much more! Choose a dining table that comfortably seats everyone, and pick the most comfortable seats for your budget. Solid wood tables with steel legs are durable, and who doesn't love to sit around a nice table.

    Retro 4-6 seater dining table with organic live edge top Retro 4-6 seater dining table with organic live edge top

    Soften with texture

    Not everybody loves industrial furniture, and even when you do it's important to add texture to soften it up and create a reading vibe. You don't want to feel you live in a factory do you? Soft throws, cushions, lovely sofas and rugs all help to make things more homely. And if you want to keep them out of sight when not in use, you can always store them in baskets, or in an industrial vintage style steamer trunk!

    Industrial Steamer Trunk - Coffee table Industrial Steamer Trunk - Coffee table

    Mango wood and steel

    Mango wood has definitely changed the look of industrial furniture. Where actual vintage pieces are often unaffordable, new industrial pieces combine the sustainability of mango wood with vintage style and a quality steel. Look out for pieces manufactured in Indonesia, where the quality of the steel used is much higher, and you know your furniture will stay beautiful much longer.

  • How to Easily Create an Industrial Look in Your Home

    The ability to renovate houses or give life to old warehouses and industrial buildings has created a huge demand for industrial furniture. The appeal of bringing back a design age that focused on manufacturing and mechanical ingenuity with raw, exposed finishes, unfinished materials and structural elements is a fantastic way to bring industrial style into your home.

    Puji’s trendy and urban-styled range, crafted from mango wood with steel frames, has been designed and distressed to perfectly replicate authentic industrial furniture.

    What is Industrial Furniture?

    Industrial-style furniture is about adding a raw, unfinished look to thoughtfully-designed homes and spaces. Pieces may have been reclaimed from an old factory, warehouse or workshop and are often about function and style in equal measures. They often showcase neutral tones on utilitarian objects with exposed wood and raw, unpolished metals.

    How Does Industrial Furniture Differ from Traditional Furniture?

    The main difference between industrial and traditional furniture is the materials used. Traditional pieces of furniture are usually made from softwoods and other similar, commonly found materials, whereas industrial furniture often employs the use of far more durable materials such as steel, aluminium and hardwoods such as oak, teak or mango.

    The materials used will often influence the design, as well as the strength and durability of the piece. Industrial furniture is built solidly by default – purely because it was originally likely used in an industrial setting.

    Multidrawer Industrial Chest Multidrawer Industrial Chest

    Knowing Where to Start

    If you’re unsure how to approach your industrial furniture requirements, just look online for ideas. The more visual social media channels, such as Pinterest and Instagram, have thousands of inspired photos to get your creative juices flowing. You can even visit buildings or old factories and warehouses with an historic past for inspiration and to reveal creative ideas you may not have previously considered.

    More inspiration can be taken from Puji’s wide range of beautiful and robust industrial-style furniture that is perfect for any contemporary home or office space.

    Bringing the Industrial into Your Home

    It’s a common misconception that industrial furniture should only be used in an office or commercial setting. Today, peoples’ tastes have expanded and the industrial style is seeing a major resurgence in both furniture and interior design.

    This means more and more industrial furniture can be mixed and matched to provide a truly bespoke look to any home. However, it’s important to consider the furniture’s surroundings - a rustic or rural property may require more traditional furniture, whereas a modern property would look great with industrial furniture.

    Colour Schemes and Accessories that Work with Industrial Furniture

    There are a few factors that need to be considered when choosing the right industrial-style furniture for your home, such as the other items in the room. Industrial furniture works best when placed near other similar pieces, rather than a brightly-coloured sofa, for example.

    Another interior design factor you should consider when choosing a piece are paint colours on nearby walls. Darker, subdued, mushroom-coloured greys and earthy browns work perfectly with industrial-style furniture, as does exposed brickwork.

    A Modern Home with Industrial Touches

    Mixing and matching contemporary styles with older architectural and industrial materials and details creates a fun and interesting process for anyone involved in buying the furniture for a property.

    Puji offers a wide range of industrially-inspired, distressed furniture made from durable Indonesian mango wood and steel, from apothecary chests of drawers to dining armchairs, industrial workshop-style tables and hanging wall shelves. Check out our exclusive industrial urban collection here.

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