• The Joy of Sleep

    Henry Dark Teak Arc Bed

    Sleep. It’s often something we take for granted—after all we’re unconscious when we’re experiencing it for the most part. We shouldn’t pay so little attention to something so important though. Our quality of sleep affects everything from our performance at work and our reaction times, through to our health and emotions.

    That’s why it’s so important to invest in the right furniture to get a good night’s sleep.

    Most bed frames and mattresses have a working lifespan of about 8 years. If you have a mattress or bed older than this, it’s likely to get more uncomfortable as the years progress. The springs, padding and foam that all forms part of a mattress are liable to wear out over time, making your bed less comfortable to lie on and contributing to a poor night’s sleep.

    Generally, when it comes to beds and mattresses, you get what you pay for. If you want a really good night’s sleep and all of the benefits that come with that, the more expensive end of the spectrum is likely to provide better results. Not that this is always the case, but nine times out of ten it probably will be.

    A good supplier of bedroom furniture will be able to provide you with a range of bedframes and mattresses to suit your needs. At Puji, for instance, we specialise in crafting beds from reclaimed timber that not only look great but provide a comfortable night’s sleep. We have a variety of different style bedframes in our bedroom range, suited to particular sleep needs.

    Puji specialise in creating beautiful furniture for use around your home. We source all of our timber responsibly, and endeavour to reuse, recycle and reclaim timber wherever possible. To find out more about our furniture ranges click here, or give us a call on 0208 886 3000.

  • 5 easy ways you can create a chilled out bedroom through design

    The bedroom is perhaps the most important room in a home because of the amount of time that we spend in it— relaxing, recovering and sleeping. This means it’s important to get the right, chilled out ambience.


    Thinking about this, here are five tips you can take to help make your bedroom feel more relaxed and chilled out this spring.

    1. Use soft lighting

    Lighting is so important when it comes to creating a feeling of relaxation in a room. Lighting that is too bright will make the ambience of a room feel particularly cold and harsh. The trick is to opt for softer, warmer lighting that creates a more chilled out, relaxed feeling in a room.

    1. Pay attention to the colour scheme that you use

    Colour can have a big impact on the way that you feel whilst you’re in a room. Neutral tones like cotton, soft greys and blues can help create a relaxing ambience in a room.

    1. Make the most of the soft textures

    Add a variety of soft textures to a room to help make it feel cosier. You could do this by investing in some comfy rugs, beautiful throws or a fleecy bedspread. Different textures help to add visual and textural interest to a room, keeping it feeling fresh and natural.

    1. Create specific areas in your bedroom for specific tasks

    Organising your room so that different areas are reserved for different activities can help to make your bedroom feel calmer and more controlled. Think about what activities you use your bedroom for and make defined areas for these. Create a cosy nook near a window with a chair or daybed for reading or watching for instance.

    1. Invest in a comfortable bed

    Think about it. You spend around 8 hours of your day asleep and how well you sleep at night determines how well you function in the day. It goes without saying then that the quality of your mattress, bedding and bedframe can have a direct impact on your quality of sleep, and by extension, the way you feel the next day. This makes it all the more important to invest in a high quality bed so that you can be certain of getting the best night’s sleep possible.

    Find out more about Puji’s beautiful range of bedroom furniture by checking out our range here.

  • A quick guide to hygge and how you can use it in your home

    Hygge (pronounced Hoo-gah) is a Danish term that doesn’t have a direct translation in English. It’s best understood as the feeling that comes with making everyday, ordinary events feel very special. It can be thought of as a type of cosiness— the feeling you get when you’re wrapped up in a warm house and it’s snowing outside, or when you’re relaxing with friends over a candlelit supper. Hygge is essentially being aware of a great moment and appreciating it.

    So how can you make your home feel more hygge? A good way is by thinking carefully about the type of style, furniture and décor that you use. Here are a few tips that you can bear in mind when it comes to improving the hygge-ness of your home.

    1. Use soft lighting (especially candles)

    warehouse_showroomOne of the quickest ways to create a feeling of hygge is to use candles and soft lighting. This type of lighting can help to improve how cosy your home feels and contribute to a feeling of greater relaxation.

    1. Make your home comfy

    Comfort is a simple pleasure that can create a massive difference when it comes to bringing hygge into the home. By making your home comfier with soft throws, cushions and blankets you can channel some of that Scandinavian cosiness that goes a long way to creating hygge.

    1. Less is more

    Creating this atmosphere in your own home is made a lot easier if you take some Danish and Scandinavian design tips. One of the most important of this is the importance of decluttering and following the principle of ‘less is more’ when it comes to furniture. Think carefully about the things in your life and what purpose they serve. How often do you use them? Do they bring you joy? If not, get rid of them! Decluttering your home is an excellent way to improve the hygge in your life.

    Thinking of getting hygge in your own home? Check out our beautiful range of kitchen, bedroom and living room furniture here.

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