• Colours To Inspire An Oriental Themed Living Space

    If you are looking to upgrade your living room in 2018, then an oriental design is definitely a theme you should consider. The rich colours used to create a far-eastern style can be a daunting break from a standard neutral backdrop, but the rewards are well worth it.

    Read on to discover some of the most popular colours used in an oriental living area, and the impact they can have on your home's appearance and your mood.

    Ocean Blue

    Ocean or sky blue is the colour of trust and honesty and helps to bring a sense of clarity to your life, so it is ideal for using in the rooms you spend the most time. Having one or two pieces of furniture in this colour will also help to introduce some peace and relaxation into the room environment.

    Because of its bright nature, you do not want to go overboard – instead, choose your products wisely – side tables or console units are a subtle way to display this colour.


    Rich Yellow

    Oriental design is famed for its use of floral patterns, and these often include a rich yellow or muted orange shade. Both are happy colours that are ideal to add to a retro or rustic-style home, and can help to create an authentic shabby-chic ambience. Again, like ocean blue, it is a colour that should be used sparingly.

    Aged sideboards or storage boxes look amazing with yellow floral art – just take a look at our limited edition hand-painted tukang sideboard! Another benefit of yellow is that it brings originality and positive energy into the living space.

    Hand Painted Oriental Cupboard

    Deep Blue

    If ocean blue is a little too bright for your taste, then dark blue can be a good alternative. It still creates a cooling, tranquil atmosphere but is a little more subdued. Dark blue is also a more practical colour that is useful in areas where you work.

    If part of your living space has a home office, then choosing a dark blue desk could be a clever choice. Alternatively, a chest of drawers also looks impressive.


    Gold & Copper

    Perhaps one of the most famous elements of the oriental style is the use of gold or copper colours, especially for room accessories. Displaying lanterns, lamps, or mirrors with a gold design is sure to inspire a far-eastern ambience.

    Gold is associated with achievement and elegance, and adds a luxurious touch to otherwise bland backgrounds. Our Lara gold mirror in combination with the hammered table lamp will draw the eye to this wonderful colour.



  • Furniture That Feels Like The Forest

    When Jimmy Ioannou founded Puji in 2004, his journey in creating spectacular, eco-friendly
    furniture began. 13 years later, the company has grown into one of the UK's leading independent furniture retailers, yet the ethos and drive remains the same.

    Using reclaimed teak wood, the products are hand-crafted by local artisans in their Indonesian
    workshops, and the end result is bespoke, limited-edition designs that bring a natural ambience into the home environment.

    For each room of the house, there are beautiful items to be found, which are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

    Living Space

    The Belokan Rustic Coffee Table is a feature piece in the living room collection. Curvaceous,
    twisted and mysterious, it has been carved from teak root into a stunning product. A definite head-turner, and functional coffee table to host any family or friends who visit. The simple, yet elegant glass table top can be lifted off for easy cleaning.

    teak coffee table

    Dining Room

    To give the dining area a unique appearance, the Reclaimed Teak Hanging Wine Rack adds
    character and warmth to the room design. Aged reclaimed teak wood, combined with iron bottle fittings, provides a rustic accessory that can hold up to 8 bottles of wine at a time. As each item is individually hand-made, it can be guaranteed that every piece is unique.

    wine rack

    Office Furniture

    Natural, earthy products that bring the forest into the home, Decorative Teak Pots give extra storage options and can also be used to hold plants or dried grasses. To preserve the valuable teak plantations in Indonesia, reclaimed wood is again used to construct these items. You can almost feel the history in each piece of timber!

    teak pot

    Hallway Features

    An amazing table that could adorn a hallway or an office. The Maisarah Carved Teak Console is a truly inspiring and durable item that will last for many years to come. The perfect antidote to bland, flatpack furniture, it is a quality and ethically manufactured limited-edition product. The flat, varnished table top is ideal for displaying photos, ornaments, or even a subtle table lamp.

    teak console

    Purchasing any of these items from Puji's furniture range is a guilt-free experience – recycling
    wood rather than chopping down trees helps preserve the environment. There is also a surprising health benefit, as science shows that natural scenes within the home help to reduce stress and boost positive thoughts.

  • Warm Up Your Home With Chunky Wood Furniture

    As we are in mid-winter period, our homes become even more essential to us – a cosy retreat from the world outside. However, if you are a fan of the minimalist style, or if you live in a large property, it can also be a time when rooms can look a little lost, and a touch more character may be needed.

    Chunky wood furniture is the ideal solution.

    Not only does chunky wood furniture ooze quality, but it also creates a natural, warm ambience throughout the home. Here are some of our favourite products that can help your property look amazing.

    Suar Dining Table

    The premium piece in our dining range. Hand-crafted from solid suar wood, this limited edition product has two pillars supporting a huge slab of timber. The fine bands of grains, and subtle patterns of the natural wood make it a truly unique item. Its table top is 10cm thick, while suar wood is a durable and sought-after material. Guaranteed to turn heads, it is ideal for socialising and family get-togethers.

    dining table

    Teak Serving Bowl

    What better way to complement the suar table than with chunky wood serving bowls. Equally suited for decoration purposes, or to serve fruit and vegetables, they are manufactured from reclaimed Indonesian teak wood. Due to the traditional craftsmanship, no item is the same – each will differ in size and shape. Like all our products, the teak bowls comes with a 12 month guarantee!

    teak bowls

    Round Teak Stool

    Put your feet up on this gorgeous stool! The grain and natural beauty are sure to make this piece a family favourite. It can be used as a stool (just place a cushion on top for comfort), extra seating, or even as a quirky bedside table. The characteristics of the reclaimed teak wood are evident in the texture and visible knots. This product is very heavy – a sign of the quality and standard of the timber.

    natural teak stool

    Henry Light Teak Arc Bed

    Sink into the duvet on the sturdy and imposing bed frame! Purchasing this long-lasting product will definitely create a stunning focal point in the bedroom. Its curved headboard is great for people who like to read in bed, while there is ample storage space under the frame itself. Using reclaimed teak wood, the slatted wooden base allows a mattress to breathe – ensuring better air flow and encouraging a good night's sleep. The bed is left in its natural finish to highlight the beauty of the wood.

    teak bed

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