Small Space Buying Guide

As the request for smaller homes and apartment living is on the rise, people are constantly on the lookout for nifty furniture hacks and smaller sized pieces to fit their home. We know how difficult it can be to find furniture the right size to fit small spaces, trust us, we've been there. 

It's important to make sure that when you are looking for furniture to fit your small space, it not only fits and looks great, but actually suits your requirements and uses. It's no good finding a dining table that fits the space perfectly and looks as though it seats four people comfortably to then find out when you actually attempt to eat at the table... you can only fit two placemats on it. I guess what we are saying is that your furniture needs to be functional too.

In this buying guide, we explain how to maximise your space and recommend our top picks that may just fit your home perfectly.

Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are a great solution for those with minimal space as they only take up the room of one table but can have multiple stored within them. Side tables are an important addition to any living area. From more traditional designs crafted from solid oak, to our Retro Chic Copper and Ceramic Top Set of Side Tables, we have a range of different nesting tables available. Our current favourite has to be our newest addition, our super space-saving Teak Root Nest of Tables.

Teak Root Nest of Tables

Storage Solutions

When shopping for storage solutions for smaller spaces such as apartments, it's beneficial to choose storage that not only serves the storage purpose but also adds another element to your home. A furniture 'double up' if you like that helps you maximise your space. Our blogger favourite Urban Apothecary Style Chest on Wheels (as seen on Zoella's Instagram) not only features nine handy storage drawers but acts as an attractive side unit/sideboard too. Another favourite is our KLEO recycled wood trunk, which features vast storage within it alongside acting as a coffee table (this piece also boasts excellent eco-credentials!).

Zoella Urban Apothecary Chest on Wheels


With chairs, it's great if you can get a versatile option that has multiple uses. Our velvet collection is particularly great thanks to the unique design of the chairs. Our Set of Two Soho Velvet Dining Chairs make wonderful dining chairs but could also be doubled up as dressing table chairs, office chairs or even as additional living room seating. However we must mention, this is now the final stock of our velvet collection so be quick!

Soho Velvet Chair

Compact Ranges

In general, looking for a complete range of compact pieces that coordinate and can be teamed together to create the perfect room set can be difficult. We've recently introduced our Clifton collection, a range of pieces crafted from reclaimed pine that all showcase compact sizing and quality finishing. Referring back to our previous point of compact dining tables, now our Clifton Reclaimed Pine Dining Table actually does seat four people comfortably! We also have an unbeatable deal on this at the moment, get a six piece set including our dining table, four chairs (choice of colour) and either a sideboard or a bookcase for just £999 (and yes, all chairs compactly tuck under the table too!) Just visit our Clifton Dining Table page here and scroll down to see the bundle options. 

Clifton Dining Table

We hope you found this Small Space Buying Guide useful, what are your best tips? Get in touch on Facebook and Twitter @pujifurniture or even better, tag us in a picture of your hacks on Instagram @pujifurniture_uk