Chinese Furniture

Want to introduce luck, wealth and love to your home? Then why not create a Chinese oasis? Dating back thousands of years, Chinese interior design was founded on the principles of energy, simplicity and nature. The objective was to achieve a home décor characterized by tranquillity and peace. Here at Puji we offer Chinese furniture items for every room in your home.

Chinese Furniture and Décor

Chinese Furniture is based on simplicity. A room should be clutter-free and your most valuable and beautiful objects should take centre stage. Screens are decorative and functional and are commonly used within an oriental interior scheme. They create cosy intimate corners or hide clutter.

The tones and colour palette is essential in oriental décor. Each colour has its own meaning and interpretation. Red symbolizes the sun, luck and power. Green represents appeasement and calm. Blue symbolizes the gentility of the home owner and is one of the most significant and recognizable details in Chinese interiors.

When it comes to home furnishings, furniture can be categorised into two types: the first are pieces designed by Westerners or copied from Western designs; these are frequently manufactured in China. The second is ancient Chinese furniture. Popular during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, this furniture is very high quality.

Since Chinese designers have turned their skills to reproducing Western furniture, Western designers are filling the gap and taking inspiration from traditional Eastern design. While authentic ancient pieces are rare and expensive, newly designed pieces are affordable and readily available. New pieces generally share the same style as ancient furniture and stay true to traditional manufacturing techniques.

Puji’s Shanxi range and oriental furniture items take antique Chinese simplicity as its basis and blend this with a modern western design, creating a sleek and stunning look which is perfect for modern living.