Ethical Policy

Teak pots within forest

Ethical Policy

Here at Puji we are committed to being a responsible furniture retailer.  The Puji company has always been inspired by the Far East and focuses on creating beautiful, high quality furniture and accessories from natural and recycled materials. 

All exclusive Puji products are hand made in Indonesia by local craftsmen. The Puji workshop is located in Java and with its exotic tropical surroundings; it is a great environment to work in. All work is carried out using perfected traditional methods.

The increase in popularity of Indonesian furniture has meant an improvement in lifestyle for many local people. Our manufacturing team are well looked after and earn above average wages for the industry. In addition to this we have worked hard to create a sense of community for every member of our team.

The wood used for much of our furniture is reclaimed, and therefore by definition eco-friendly.  This old teak has been sourced through recognised Indonesian timber brokers who buy timber recovered from old colonial buildings.

Rapid expansion in Indonesia has seen substantial building work across the country and the old-style wooden buildings are being replaced with more sanitary and modern brick and tile housing. As a result, there is a supply of seasoned teak timber which not only has a rustic weathered appearance, but is very durable in the UK climate and is much less likely to shrink, move or crack. Each old ‘dinglik’ plank is stamped by the authorities as a proof of its source prior to being brought to the factory. On occasions we use premium grade, solid plantation teak sourced and kiln dried from government-controlled plantations on the backing of units and inner drawer panels.

Although no legal certification is currently required in the UK to show the source of wood products, we are constantly in touch with our manufacturers to ensure that the wood they work with is ecologically sound.

Because ethical production and minimising our environmental impact is one of our core aims here at Puji, we work hard to recycle large amounts of our packaging and we operate  ‘positive recycling’, reusing as many boxes and wrappings as possible.