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Interior Design Service

At Puji we pride ourselves on offering a first class service. We want to help you turn your house into a very special home – and therefore offer an interior design service to pull the furniture, colour scheme and accessories together. At present this service is only available in London.

Starting at £200, our interior design service can be used on homes, offices, receptions, hotels and show houses. Our design team provides a complete solution to your style needs, and work with a range of projects from single rooms to luxury commissions.

As an independent company, we work hard to build relationships with manufacturers and suppliers to enable us to offer our clients truly individual design solutions and excellent value for money.

Our Service

Prior to any work being carried out, we are happy to show you our design portfolio, and will provide you with a quote for our interior design services. At this point you can view projects carried out for previous clients, and get all of your questions about the service answered. Quotes are based on the size of the area to be designed.

On acceptance of the quote, our designer will visit your home or business premises to review the site and the space you want designed. They will discuss your ideas and budget – and get clear on what you like in terms of colours, textures and styles.

Following the consultation we will produce hand drawn layouts and a minimum of two mood boards to illustrate our initial ideas. These will be presented to you at a second meeting. Each board will show a proposed design, and will be supported with colour schemes, materials, furnishings and accessories. These ideas can then be discussed and refined until we have achieved a look you are totally happy with.

Once the final details have been agreed, our designer will project manage your scheme through to completion. Puji will source and supply materials to complete the specified works unless otherwise agreed. Our bespoke service allows us to be flexible about sizing and furniture can be custom-made to suit your exact requirements.

Do I really need the services of an Interior Designer?

This is a frequently asked question and depends on a number of factors such as whether you have the time, interest and inclination to do it yourself!

You may want to hire an interior designer if…

  • You feel completely overwhelmed by the number of choices available.
  • You have little or no free time to coordinate and shop for home décor items.
  • You need help with space planning, lighting etc
  • You’ve tried to decorate your home and have purchased a few nice items, but need help pulling it all together.
  • You want a cohesive colour scheme and design that can be carried throughout the home.
  • You think you have pretty good taste, but would like to move up a few notches in style.
  • You and your partner can’t seem to agree on anything for your home.
  • Your home is of a particular period, has a specific style, or has an unusual design and you need assistance in selecting appropriate furnishings.
  • You want your home to stand out from the crowd.
  • You want your home to reflect you personal tastes and lifestyles.

Our interior design service will help you achieve a finished look that is fulfils all of the practical requirements of the space without compromising on style!

INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICE – talk to us now and we’ll give you a no-obligation quote for your interior design project.