• Halloween Accessories We Love…

    As Halloween approaches, the urge to adorn yourself, your children and your home with spooky accessories and scary outfits just has to be followed. Halloween is a great time to indulge your inner child, have a little fun with your interiors and perhaps even encourage visits from local children doing the trick or treat rounds with their parents.

    The groups of little ones out and about dressed as witches and ‘skellingtons’ are adorable at this time of the year, and many neighbourhoods have a system for trick or treaters; leave a light, a pumpkin or something in your window if you’re happy to give out sweeties at the door.
    Meanwhile, if you are looking for Halloween themed accessories, we have just the things for you:


    One of these slightly gothic candelabras would look amazing in the front window, away from the curtains, of course, to show that the spooky costumes are welcome at your home.
    You could also leave a lantern in full view, or make a display of it with atmospheric lighting and a few well-chosen bits and pieces with a Halloween theme…


    If you’re hosting a Halloween party, lighting has to fit the mood, so make it eerie and atmospheric with a mysterious lamp or candle holder. Tell a few spine-tingling ghost stories around the table and try to our scare each other with tales of things that go bump in the night. A ghost story marathon just wouldn’t be the same with the lights on.


    Mirrors have been a feature of many a scary story for centuries. Dorian Grey’s portrait was the mirror of his soul, Maleficent asked her mirror on a daily basis who was “the fairest of them all”; and of course stories of haunted mirrors are rife.


    These mirrors would look the part in any Gothic fairy story or vampire tale.


    However you decide to mark All Hallow’s Eve, we hope you have a lovely time.

  • The Fairest of Them All

    Art deco mirror1
    “I have a lot of mirrors around my house, not because I like to look at myself, but because I like the light and perspective they bring to a room.”

    Those are wise words from the actress Hayley Mills, and any good interior designer will tell you that a mirror isn’t just a useful way to check your reflection in the morning, it can subtly alter the way a room looks and feels, too.

    Artful use of reflection can make a small room, like a bathroom, feel airy and light, and the perfect mirror is a fabulous way to add a finishing touch to a dull corner or an empty space on a newly decorated wall.


    The Boudoir


    You can’t help but feel sophisticated if you have a mirror like this in your bedroom. For your eyes only, add a touch of shabby chic and admire your reflection to your heart’s content. Perfect in a room with pale, pastel colours and a feminine feel.


    Art Deco Inspired

    Art deco mirror

    If vintage 1920s style floats your boat, add a statement mirror that reflects everything you love about the era. A stunning Art Deco mirror needs very little in the way of additional accessories, but add it to a room with exotic wooden furniture and a few well thought out geometric prints and you can have a dash of the Roaring Twenties in the 21st century.


    Delicate and Feminine


    Imagine a beautiful white bedroom, the sort of bedroom you see in the movies. A fabulous brass bed, white linen sheets, a fluffy white carpet and this beautiful handcrafted mirror. The essence of a feminine bedroom, captured in something as simple as a mirror.


    A Touch of Nature


    The finishing touch to a hallway or conservatory, the place for that final look at your reflection as you walk out of the door. Simple and unobtrusive, but quietly pretty, this natural Driftwood Heart Mirror is all you need.

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