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Wood & Product Care

Product Care Guide -Solid Wood Furniture

Solid Wood

For long term maintenance of any solid wood product we recommend that there are no direct sources of heat very close by. Wood is a natural product and whilst Puji only use timber that is well seasoned and dried, movement can occur in the home.  Changing temperatures can cause the wood to shrink or expand.  Placing a piece of furniture up against a radiator or near a open fire will exaggerate this and may cause movement and in some cases slight cracking.  Please try to place your furniture at least one metre away from a direct heat source to prevent shrinkage and possible cracking, timber is a natural material and fluctuations in temperature or humidity may cause the wood to shrink or expand very slightly.

On a daily basis the furniture will not require much maintenance apart from dry dusting.  We recommend that once a month you apply good quality beeswax or oil depending on your finish to keep the furniture well nourished and safeguard against shrinkage.  Rub in and buff to a shine.  We advise you to avoid using spray based cleaning products and abrasive products.  If in doubt about the finish of your product please contact the store before applying any product.  Hot and/ or wet objects such as hot/wet mugs, vases, pizza boxes, crockery etc placed directly on the products surface may also cause damage.  Unsightly chalky white markings on table tops and flat surfaces can  be avoided by the use of placemats and coasters.

Great care should be taken when using solvents such as alcohol, nail polish remover, perfume/cologne, or any other toxic chemical around your furniture.  Nail polish remover is nothing more than liquid paint/finish remover in a small bottle, and will remove finish in an instant.  An investment in fine furniture can turn into a nightmare in a short time if the wrong liquid is spilled, or any other spill is not taken care of promptly.  On the other hand, it can be an investment that will bring you enjoyment for years to come if cared for properly.  If you show your Puji Furniture some TLC it will pay you back by lasting for a very long time and giving your home a beautiful look.  Teak furniture will grow even more beautiful as the years pass by.

It is recommended that felt pads be applied to the undersides of furniture placed on wooden, stone or marble flooring.  These pads can be purchased from any good hard wear store and will prevent marking or scratches on your flooring.  It is also important to never attempt to move our beds or wardrobes without first disassembling them otherwise damage may be caused to the wood or fixings.  When moving dining tables always remember that two people should lift them and they should never be dragged otherwise damage may be caused to the wood and fixings.


Cane & Rattan Product Care Guide |

Cane and Rattan

Regular gentle cleaning of cane, wicker and rattan furniture is essential to maintain its lasting durability.   We recommend adding a small amount of detergent in to a bowl of warm water, than dip a soft-bristled brush into the solution and carefully work over the piece.   The piece should then be dried off using a soft cloth.

The biggest enemy of cane and rattan is dehydration this can be avoided by simply misting the panels with plain water from a spray bottle once a month.  If the surrounding wood gets splashed it should be wiped dry with a soft cloth. With Cane and Rattan furniture it is best to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight which can also dry out and fade the natural fibres.


Lacquered Furniture Product Care Guide |

Oriental Shanxi Furniture

The finish of our Shanxi black and white range is easy to care for. Everyday dusting should be carried out with a soft dry cloth and small stains can be removed with a very slightly dampened cloth. Please take care not to over-wet the surface and dry thoroughly afterwards. Food or drink spills should be wiped up immediately, to avoid damaging the lacquer. Never use abrasive products or cloths or chemical cleaners.


Leather Furniture | Product Care Guide

Leather Furniture

Maintaining leather items is very straightforward.  An occasional wipe with a slightly dampened cloth will ensure they remain in pristine condition.

Our by cast leather dining chairs are pre-conditioned and therefore no further conditioning is required.

We recommend that leather furniture is kept away from any strong heat sources to prevent drying out.


Seat Cushions Product Care |

Seat Cushions

The natural cream canvas cushions used on our dining and occasional chairs can be removed and dry cleaned.

For dining chairs and bench seats with upholstered drop-in cushions, the seat frame can be lifted out and taken to a dry cleaner for specialist care.  treatment with a fabric protector will keep the seats clean for longer and more resistant to staining.


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