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Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Reclaimed = Recycled = Ecofriendly

What is reclaimed teak furniture?

Reclaimed teak furniture is high quality new furniture made from aged, weathered wood. Its subtle colour variations, cracks and nail holes means each piece of reclaimed teak furniture will add warmth, history and character to your home.

Reclaimed teak is quirky, rustic looking and also very practical. It is less likely to shrink than new wood, as it is fully acclimatised, and a century old reclaimed timber will have tighter, harder grain than today’s forestry can match making it stronger and more hardwearing. As the wood has been exposed to the elements for many years, it has already gone through
the process of expanding and contracting, so it is very durable. This makes reclaimed teak furniture ideal in houses with pets and small children, where it can easily withstand every day wear and tear, without detracting from its natural beauty.

Where does it come from?

Our reclaimed teak is sourced from Indonesia which has over 17000 islands and this old teak is in abundance throughout Indonesia.

Although no legal certification is currently required in the UK we are constantly in touch with our manufactures and have frequent visits to ensure that the wood we work with is ecologically sound.

On occasions we use premium grade, solid plantation teak sourced and kiln-dried from government plantations on the backs and inner drawer panels to keep our products cost effective. This old timber is obviously more costly than new wood and it’s a shame to use it where it won’t be seen.

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Why buy reclaimed teak?

Reusing old wood in new ways, whether fashioning railroad ties into flooring, or old plank barrels into a bed, is enjoying a renewed vogue amongst homeowners who are weary of generic looks and concerned about the environment.

The use of reclaimed teak means that no trees have been cut down during the furniture making process. Instead old wood is recycled and transformed by highly skilled artisans into the stunning reclaimed teak furniture pieces that you see on our website. The old structures were already set for demolition, so by recycling the old wood and crafting it into contemporary teak furniture pieces, gives it a brand new lease of life.

There is a feel-good factor about owning furniture that has such an interesting past. Puji sell stunning reclaimed teak furniture for the sitting room, dining room, bedroom, office, bathroom and hallway and as some of this furniture has distinct character marks, such as tiny nail holes, it gives the owner a fascinating glimpse into its former life.

Buying reclaimed teak furniture also has the added benefit of helping the local community in Indonesia. Our workshop in Java employs local people who use traditional techniques and methods to craft highly individual furniture pieces. The popularity of our teak furniture has meant an improvement in lifestyle for many local people including carpenters, managers, quality controllers, artists and finishers. So from start to finish reclaimed teak furniture brings a multitude of benefits.

Is reclaimed teak environmentally friendly?

The environmental benefits of buying recycled woods are very important. Using reclaimed teak furniture is very eco-friendly as it makes use of existing wood that has been harvested long ago and means less trees are cut from today's woodland. Much of our timber has been sourced from old Colonial building’s which have been demolished in Indonesia. It means stylish solid wood pieces have the quality and strength of mature wood without impacting on the world’s natural resources.

Our Commitment

Puji is devoted to using top quality timbers of mixed grades and reforming them into pieces of great beauty and durability. We use reclaimed teak wood in many of our products including our living room, dining room and bedroom furniture ranges. We also stock some beautiful reclaimed teak mirrors, where due to the natural variations in the wood, each product is truly unique.

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